Theology To Go


Theology To Go

Theology to Go is our in-house weekly theology course which aims to help us get to know Christ more deeply so that we love Him and are better able to serve Him.

We are starting a new 5-week series between 28th January – 25th February 2019 called ‘Till the day dawns’ – God at work in times of darkness.

 What is Theology To Go About?

There’s just nothing like it; the smell, the warmth, the taste. It’s just so good. I used to live a few doors away from a traditional bakery, where all of its fresh products were made on the premises. Around 1.00am in the mornings, the first freshly baked bread would be taken from the ovens. My late wife and I would often appear at the bakery door at that moment, buying a loaf or two from those working through the night to place fresh bread on the table for the next morning. We would head home, the loaves exuding their heat and gorgeous smell, eager to carve into them, smother them in butter and indulge in this delicious treat… Something I understand Lawrence Braschi, our former curate, has already discovered in now living behind the bakery at Morrisons!

I had a similar delight when I commenced attending Theology to Go in 2012. Under the inspiring and often provocative tutelage of Steve Nichols and Marcus Nelson, also former curates, I found my own passion for delving into thorny or poignant questions about the faith re-kindled as we sought to tackle a wide spectrum of issues. It was good to be engaged with people who were keen to search scripture and really unpack what the good book was actually telling us, about a range of subjects from the nature of eternal life to the enjoyment of the present.

The value of these studies continued when Lawrence took over the reins, completing a project that Marcus had begun – reading the entire Bible in a year. This, again, raised a plethora of things to consider further, which we’ve been able to do over the last few years.

Sometimes, we need a forum where we feel comfortable asking what does Christianity teach on this, and why? Sometimes, it’s really helpful to sit down and work through such questions and issues together and help each other to gain a richer, deeper clarity on what really matters about our faith.

The intention of Theology to Go is to help provide that space, so, if you think this could be helpful, why not join us for 2019?  We’ll be exploring the meaning of scriptural events and teaching, asking how our faith can really speak to today, exploring your questions and seeking to really learn together.

Hopefully, we’ll have some moments that are as warm and prove as good as that freshly baked bread, so come and ‘taste’ what we’re up to for yourself. All you need is a Bible, a notebook and a pen, and you’ll be very welcome.

Howard Nowlan

TTG is run over three terms this year, which started on Monday 28th January  in the Harmsworth Room of  the Prysten House (behind the church) at 7.30pm. Further details are available from the church office and all are welcome.                                                                                     


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