Summary of PCC meeting 22nd September 2022

A Precis of the PCC meeting held at St Andrew’s, Plymouth, 22 Sept 2022


1. Rita Whyte led a brief devotion on John 15, pointing us to the Jesus the true source of life

and everything! She encouraged the PCC to dwell / remain / abide in him in order to be

truly fruitful.


2. Jonathan Hurdle attended as a guest and spoke briefly about a new quote he has obtained

for repairs to the organ. This is approx. £120K total cost to replace the inner

computer/processor and to repair the bellows on the south side, plus some other minor but

necessary works.

This is significantly cheaper than previous quotes (the cheapest of which was £300K) which

were for fuller restorations.

Considering how desperately the organ needs repairs, the PCC agreed to raise the monies

and to approach a contractor immediately who could carry out the works within the next 6



3. Matters arising:

   a. The PCC has an Away Day on 22 Oct at St James, Ham

   b. The Quinquennial inspection of the church is booked for 12 Oct

   c. Great thanks were noted to all who undertook works to paint and prepare the

   vacant Lambay Hill flat for its new tenants

   d. Painting and re-carpeting has taken place at the Lipson Road house as agreed at the

   last meeting; some other works are outstanding

   e. Due to changes in CofE policy, the new boiler the church requires will need a faculty

   application before it can be installed

   f. The lightning conductor on the church tower is in the process of being repaired


4. A letter has been sent to the PCC asking it to explore and seek counsel as to whether now is

the time for a monthly joint Sunday morning service to bring together the morning

congregations. The PCC agreed to discuss this properly in the coming months, and

encouraged members to seek viewpoints of the church family in discussion.


5. Joe has agreed to approach a member of the congregation to advise as to how accessible

our building is to those with dementia.


6. The PCC gave final approval to the planned works in the Coffee Corner, and a contractor is to

be instructed imminently. Proposed works in the Abbey Hall are to be discussed at the next



7. Committees examining our Safeguarding and Health & Safety policies and practice continue

to meet and will feedback at the next meeting.

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