Summary of PCC meeting 14th March 2022

Summary of St Andrew’s PCC meeting held on Monday March 14th 2022

  •       Barbara Allen read from Psalm 46 and Romans 12 and prayed to open the meeting.
  •       First Aid boxes are regularly checked and replenished
  •       A quinquennial inspection of the church is due this year. Five architects have been approached to bid for this.
  •       The organ blower house door has been replaced.
  •       The APCM will be held on May 8th this year.
  •       3 members of the PCC will stand down this year after 6 years of serving.
  •       Joe is encouraged by the feedback re appointing someone to be in charge of children and youth ministry. Once the paperwork is completed, the post will be advertised.
  •       The post of ministry assistant will also be advertised.
  •       There was agreement to restructure the role of Church Warden which has become more time consuming. The plan is to appoint two deputy wardens who will be on the PCC and support the work of the appointed wardens. Thus, expertise will not be lost. The maximum time to serve as a Church Warden is 6 years. Tim Williams will stand down as warden and from the Property Management Committee at the APCM.
  •       The Herald website has named a number of Plymouth clergy, including our own, who have expressed concern about conversion therapy for those with gender issues. The letter was in response to poor legislation. The letter signed by clergy can be viewed on: 6745658
  •       Tim Partridge has been invited to remain on the staff team as Team Vicar at St Andrew’s.
  •       Bob Styring produced an accessible summary of the accounts which shows that we currently have a £75,000 working deficit. This will be available at the APCM. The need to set a budget was agreed.
  •       The Friends of St Andrew’s trustees propose winding up the charity and await confirmation at the Friend’s APCM.
  •       The Abbey Hall consultation yielded useful suggestions for improvement. A working party is drawing up plans to bring to the PCC. Currently, the income enables the Abbey Hall to meet expenses.
  •       Missions Committee expressed the need for new supporters and for the congregation to be kept informed of our mission partners. There enhanced use of the information boards at the Tower end and information on the screens at services. Nikki Maxwell will be in Plymouth from 25th March.
  •       The refurbishment of Lambay Hill flats is almost complete. There is outstand work to the exterior of the building.
  •       The Diocesan safeguarding policy has been adopted by the PCC. An accessible leaflet has been produced which will be available at the cross aisle. We want to ensure St Andrew’s is a church where everyone can feel safe and know who to share safeguarding concerns with.
  •       The Synod Report “Living in Love and Faith” expresses deep concern for people’s experiences, but was felt to poorly relate to what the bible says.

Notes very kindly compiled by Deb Fewster

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