Summary of PCC meeting 12th July 2021

These notes are not full minutes of the meeting, they are simply a brief summary to aid communication within the congregation.

  • It is hoped to resume the 9.30am and 11.15 services in September, dependent on advice from the C of E. The 6.30pm service will be suspended for August. Thursday morning communion will continue, as will live streaming of Sunday services. There is a shortage of volunteers to enable the live streaming of services.
  • The funding for the ministry assistant program has ended. A member of the PCC, along with Matt Thompson is to look into the purpose and provision of this program and will report back to the next PCC meeting.
  • It was agreed to hold an autumn fayre in The Abbey Hall, this will be on October 16.
  • Chris and Jodene Prior and Mac Forsyth are stepping back from the Property Management Committee. This will be restructured. Everyone thanked Chris, Jodene and Mac for their hard work.
  • The sum of £1000 was agreed to repair cabling to the solar panels.
  • The Organ Blower House door will be replaced for improved security and for Health and Safety reasons.
  • The boiler in the Abbey Hall to be replaced. One quote received and two more awaited.
  • The organ working party had its inaugural meeting.
  • There has been a delay in granting the faculty needed to progress the work of the new kitchen area at the back of the church.
  • The Legacy Steering Group reported that £500,000 of the £750,000 has been invested. £230,000 is earmarked for existing projects.
  • Synod reps reported that there are a number of courses run by the diocese this autumn around promoting mental wellbeing and supporting those who are bereaved. Volunteers are invited for the Anna Chaplaincy for older people. Please contact the clergy or a member of the PCC if you are interested in finding out more.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Books are with the accountant for the half yearly report. Giving has been increased by some members of the congregation, but total giving still falls well short of requirements.

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