1. Habits of Grace: Gazing at Jesus

This term through our sermons we’re seeking to refresh and grow our individual relationships with Jesus.  We need Jesus’ help to grow in him – and the Bible shows us many godly habits, or disciplines, through which we can grow in the grace of Christ.  That’s why our sermon series is called “Habits of Grace”, from a book by David Mathis with the same name.  He puts it this way:

“The Christian life is built on three seemingly unremarkable practices: reading the Bible, prayer, and fellowship with other believers. But these “habits of grace” are the God–designed channels through which his glorious grace flows – making them life–giving practices for all Christians.

Whether it’s hearing God’s voice (the Word), having his ear (prayer), or participating in his body (fellowship), these spiritual rhythms of the Christian life have the power to awaken our souls to God’s glory and stir our hearts for lifelong service in his name.

They grant us access to a host of spiritual blessings that we can only begin to imagine this side of eternity – and to the incredible joy that such blessings bring to God’s children today.”

Resources: The Book

We’re recommending this ‘Habits of Grace’ book at St Andrew’s to accompany our sermons this term. It’s really encouraging in helping us to relate to Jesus.  
We’ve bought in lots of reduced price copies to the church office. Please buy from us so they don’t sit gathering dust! If you can’t buy one in person, please buy on our website (below) and we’ll post or deliver it to you.

For those who can’t afford £6 for whatever reason, a free download version is available here. If you’d simply prefer an electronic copy but can also donate to the cost, please also donate here to the publisher.

Resources: Bible Study PDF

We’ve created some short, 5-minute devotional Bible studies for you to do at home in the coming week, to help you form this habit of grace of gazing at Jesus. Download below…

Resources: Helpful Blog Post

Are “Habits of Grace” good discipline, or deadly legalism?
Some of us might think that making a habit to gaze at and spend time with Jesus is more of a law than an expression of grace.  And Jesus came to save us from law.  This blog states an answer to that concern, written by John Piper in 2009.  In summary, he says: “It’s a duty the way hungry people eat food”!

2. Bible: Hearing God's Words

Resources to Help You Read the Bible

Lots of our church family recommend using Bible Reading Notes. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, the Explore notes are really helpful. They contain a Bible passage and questions for each day. You can also download a free app with some sample notes to get you started. This PDF has 3 sample studies. Why not try them this week?

For Families

Matt recommends these Devotional Dippers: short, easy and interactive fun!

Helpful Blog Post

How do I become passionate about Bible reading?  Click here to find out!


3. Prayer: Speaking to God

4. Church: Gathering as Christ's People

5. Friendship: Walking with Christians

6. Service: Serving Jesus

7. Evangelism: Speaking about Jesus