God of the Landscape and the Detail

I recently read through Psalms 111 and 112 and was struck at how they minister to the whole of life.

Sometimes we don’t think of God as big enough – we restrict where we think he’s at work. At other times we picture him as so Almighty he wouldn’t have time for me!

Yet taken together, these Psalms help us see his magnitude and yet his care; that he holds both the landscape and the detail.

In Psalm 111, the author remembers the big picture. “Great are the works of the LORD”, we’re told (Ps 111:2). The author appears to recall Moses and the Exodus. God’s “wonders” are remembered, most likely picturing the escape from Egypt – with a wall of water on the left and right of God’s people.

Then God’s provision of food is depicted, recollecting the manna and the quail, as well as his gift of land for his people – the ancient land of Israel. Most crucially, the author says:

“He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant for ever – holy and awesome is his name.” (Ps 111:9)

In other words, God released his people from their slavery and kept his good and loving promises to them. He keeps his promises forever.

Do you see, God had a whole nation in his hands? Their present, their future, their needs, their redemption? He promised to be their faithful God – and kept his promise.

Do you need reminding that God is the God of our Big Picture? He holds the landscape of his people in his hands. He works in the whole world for the good of his people.

And yet… Psalm 112 seems so much more personal. It speaks of God’s actions to “those who fear the LORD” (Ps 112:1). It tells how God’s people, “the righteous… will be remembered for ever” (Ps 112:6).

The psalm speaks of wealth and riches in the homes of God’s people (Ps 112:3) and even addresses the detail of our hearts, which will be secure and steadfast, “trusting in the LORD” (Ps 112:7).

In other words, God blesses the individual homes and hearts of his people. He knows how to keep his promises to individuals. To his children, made righteous through their faith in Jesus Christ.

Do you need reminding that God is the God of the Detail? He knows you. He hasn’t forgotten you. As you turn to him, finding delight in his word (Ps 112:1), he pours rich blessing upon you.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of our world. It’s changing the details of individual lives and homes. Yet God holds both in his hands.

No problem is too big, and no person is too small, for his attention. COVID-19 hasn’t outsmarted him. He is still blessing us in the midst of this pandemic. The specifics of how his blessing works out today for his people isn’t given us here.

But the riches of redemption and knowing God’s blessing are found today in Christ Jesus. So keep approaching God your Father through the gift of Jesus. Keep praising him as the Psalmist does. Remember nothing is beyond his control – and commit your landscape and your details to him.

With love in Christ


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