Are you speaking about Jesus?

It’s been hugely encouraging for me these past few weeks to consider Paul’s words to the Philippian church about the unstoppable power of God at work:

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Phil 1:6).

What an encouragement! That even in lockdown, God is still at work amongst us, moulding and shaping us in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

And a friend sent me another reminder early on in lockdown, about how God works beyond human chains, limitations, or lockdown:

God’s word is not chained. (2 Timothy 2:9)

It’s God’s word – the Bible – that continues to bring about God’s work in the world through the power of the Spirit, as we hear it and digest it and are turned to consider Jesus, follow him and live like him.

And this week, the Parable of the Sower (in Mark 4) reminded me that there will be huge fruitfulness in those who hear and accept the word. Wonderful!

After all, God’s word is God speaking to us – and if the God of the universe is speaking, who has even appeared on Earth in his Son Jesus – so we can expect life-changing results.

What we’re saying is this – that God is unstoppably at work today, for good, in his people and his world. Rejoice!

And yet there is an invitation to us here. It’s this: that for our part, we can participate all the more fully in what God is doing in us and in his world if we are hearing, accepting and scattering his word.

Which is a daily challenge.

Firstly, how are we doing at hearing God’s word? Are we opening the Bible? Are we asking God to speak? Are we turning verses over in our hearts and minds all day long, asking for insight and application to our lives? Are we asking friends what is encouraging them from the Bible? Are we expectant that we meet Jesus as God’s word speaks to us?

And secondly, are we pointing others to the word of God? Do we believe that there are things in the Bible that unbelieving friends and family need to hear? Do we trust that there are insights and truly good news which will change their hearts and lives and eternities? Do we believe that our God – revealed in Jesus – wants to speak to them through the Bible, to show himself as the one answer we all need – in these days, and every day? And if we believe that, are we prayerfully and carefully looking for opportunities to speak about Jesus?

God will do his work. And he’s doing it through his word.

Are we listening to Jesus? Are we speaking about Jesus? May God help us to do both.

With much love in Christ,
Tim Partridge

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